Intrepid Unveils 6 New Tours for Single-Parent Families

Affordable tours cater specifically to solo parents and their children By: Emma Weissmann
New trips cater to single-parent families. // © 2018 Getty Images
New trips cater to single-parent families. // © 2018 Getty Images

The Details

Intrepid Travel

Six new itineraries from Intrepid Travel will be made available specifically for families with single parents. The small-group tours, which visit Northern India, Thailand, Costa Rica, Morocco, Vietnam and Egypt, range from eight to 15 days and begin at a rate of $555.

Why It Matters:
Twenty-seven percent of children under 18 live in single-parent households, yet most family travel packages are designed for families with two parents. Intrepid should be commended for catering to this niche and for breaking down barriers that often prevent single-parent families from traveling internationally. In addition to providing an affordable option — children 17 and under tour at a discounted rate and there are no double-occupancy rates — family members also have the chance to be among those in similar family dynamics.

Fast Facts:
- Intrepid’s new tours are available at no additional cost.

- Children who are 17 years old or younger receive a 10 percent discount on the trip.

- According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 27 percent of children under 18 live in single-parent households, while solo parents make up 19.2 percent of households in Canada, according to a survey from Stats Canada.

- As of September 2017, 16 percent of Intrepid’ s family bookings were for single parents and their children.

- The tour operator is experiencing an increase in requests from single parents.

- The six destinations were chosen to make it easier for parents who may otherwise feel intimidated to travel alone with their children. 

What they are saying:
“You only need to look at family holiday packages widely advertised by the travel industry to see they cater to two parents and two children,” said Dyan McKie, single mother and brand manager for family adventures at Intrepid. “In many ways, this assumption is archaic and doesn’t reflect today’s families. The travel industry caters to so many niche groups, but solo parents have been ignored for too long.”

“Intrepid’s new trips offer a completely dedicated product for solo parent families,” added Leigh Barnes, director of North America for Intrepid. “Led by local leaders in each destination, these itineraries provide parents with some much-deserved rest and relaxation, while taking the pressure off them to plan and entertain at all times. As single-parent households are increasing in North America, it’s time for the travel industry to take notice and ensure all kinds of families are being accommodated and are being offered travel opportunities that are fun, adventurous and affordable.”

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