The Top 10 Developed Countries for Adventure Travel

Also, the top countries for natural resources, cultural resources and more By: Mindy Poder
Iceland was named the No. 1 developed country for adventure. // © 2016 iStock
Iceland was named the No. 1 developed country for adventure. // © 2016 iStock

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Each year, the Adventure Travel Trade Association partners with George Washington University to put out the Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATDI). The ATDI acts as an adventure travel scorecard, tallying data from nonsubjective sources such as country GDP, population density stations, protected areas, survey data and more. Following are some of the countries racking up major credibility points with adventurers.

The Top 10 Developed Countries
1.  Iceland

2.  Germany

3.  New Zealand

4.  Norway

5.  Switzerland

6.  Canada

7.  Australia

8.  Finland

9.  Austria

10. Denmark

The Top 10 Developing Countries
1.  The Czech Republic

2.  Israel

3.  Estonia

4.  Chile

5.  Slovakia

6.  Slovenia

7.  Bulgaria

8.  Poland

9.  South Korea

10. Romania

Top Countries for Natural Resources
Palau, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, New Zealand, Norway, Iceland and the U.S.

Top Countries for Cultural Resources
Germany, Italy, Spain, France, China, Monaco, Mexico, the U.K., India and Brazil

Q: How did safety fare according to the ATDI?
A: The safety score for most countries has remained stable from 2010 to 2016. Europe and North America lead the world in terms of safety, while Latin American and the Caribbean saw the most significant advances in safety in the last six years.

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