Why Oahu Is Perfect for Multigenerational Travelers

Why Oahu Is Perfect for Multigenerational Travelers

From summer vacations to year-long escapes, Oahu calls to multigenerational travelers By: Marty Wentzel
<p>All ages learn to cook on a traditional umu (outdoor oven) in Polynesian Cultural Center’s Samoan Village // © 2018 Polynesian Cultural...

All ages learn to cook on a traditional umu (outdoor oven) in Polynesian Cultural Center’s Samoan Village // © 2018 Polynesian Cultural Center

Feature image (above): During an audio tour, clients will hear Pearl Harbor veterans tell their stories. // © 2018 Pacific Historic Parks

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The best family vacations blend togetherness with individual experiences, but it takes a special place to provide the perfect balance.

Enter Oahu — which gets it right for all generations, all year long.

“Oahu is a travel agent’s Hawaiian solution to meeting the expectations of today’s family travelers,” said Noelani Schilling-Wheeler, executive director for the Oahu Visitors Bureau (OVB). “For savvy agents, getting to know Oahu intimately as a family destination can be a lucrative proposition.”

Oahu’s multigenerational appeal keeps growing, thanks to the family-oriented values of its culture and an evolving range of activities.

Advisors can also stay current through OVB resources such as webinars, fam trips and sales missions. Individual Oahu vendors share additional tools to help agents hone family travel know-how.

Part of Oahu’s widespread allure springs from its mix of town and country attractions. For example, Pearl Harbor — set in urban Honolulu — is located on the battle site where the U.S. was launched into World War II. Kids gravitate toward its educational, entertaining junior ranger program, while older visitors gain insights through tours and exhibits. The new Pearl Harbor Virtual Reality Center gives everyone a hip way to learn about history.

“Agents can keep Pearl Harbor top of mind by following our social media and upcoming events,” said Carlton Kramer, vice president of marketing for Pacific Historic Parks, noting that advisors can purchase tours through Pacific History Parks or Pearl Harbor Historic Sites.

Beginning in May, retail agents can also earn commission on bookings. To sign up, advisors should email tours@pacifichistoricparks.org.

Meanwhile, on Oahu’s rural North Shore, the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) epitomizes the island’s melting pot of cultures as it celebrates Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga and Aotearoa. Families stroll through six villages, where performances, demonstrations and activities engage all ages. In July, it will debut a daily lagoon show honoring early Polynesian voyagers.

“Social media is a great way for agents to see what’s happening at PCC and gain access to a wealth of information,” said Seth Casey, senior marketing manager for PCC. “For instance, on our YouTube page, we present 3-D, 360-degree videos that explore the different areas of the center.”

With these and many other assets at hand, agents can position themselves as experts in Oahu trips for the entire tribe.

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